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Dr. Jacquala Shropshire Ministries

Dr. Jacquala Shropshire has been serving in ministry since 1977.  She was ordained as a minister on September 13, 2015.  In August 2019, she received her Doctorate in Theology from Next Dimension University. 
She is the Founder of Jacquala Shropshire Ministries, in which she is an advocate for God's kingsom, which inspired her to start her own radio show, Let's Talk Kingdom Radio Show.  The show is a platform for believers to have diverse conversations  about God  and his kingdom.  She can be reached at "Dr. Jacquala Shropshire Ministries" on Facebook.
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Dr. Joel McLeod

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Dr. Joel McLeod was born in Central America in Limon, Costa Rica, and grew up in Brooklyn, New York.  He relocated to Culver California at the age of 15 years old.  The streets of Brooklyn, Bedford-Stuyvesant briefly distracted his journey with gang affiliation, but God had a great plan for his life and immediately changed his life, calling him from gang influence environment to born again status and preacher of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  
Dr. Joel McLeod is the Founder and Chancellor of Next Dimension University, founded in September 10, 2007.  He is committed to "Stomping Out Biblical Illiteracy," through promoting the Revival of the Bible.
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